Youth mental health quiz

This quiz is designed to help identify whether a young person might have a mental health issue that requires attention. Remember that everyone experiences some hard times or bad days, but if any of these symptoms affect a student’s ability to function well and enjoy life over a period of time longer than two or three weeks, the student needs help.

Have you…

  • Had low self esteem—felt worthless, rejected, helpless or hopeless?
  • Had a major lack of energy or interest in daily activities?
  • Suddenly become very quiet or withdrawn?
  • Had significant decline in your school performance?
  • Had trouble concentrating/thinking clearly?
  • Had repeated sudden outbursts of anger or emotion over relatively small things?
  • Experienced serious eating or sleeping problems?
  • Had a noticeable decline in personal hygiene?
  • Felt that you are being watched or persecuted by others?
  • Had very negative thoughts, blamed yourself for things you cannot control, or considered suicide?
  • Been cutting, burning or doing other self-injury?
  • Been hearing voices or seeing things that others do not?

If you are concerned that you might have a mental health issue that requires attention contact a health care professional for a diagnosis.